Carlean Promise – to look after your property properly

Many companies have a promise. They proudly promote this on their website and talk about it when they meet new customers. However, in my experience, once the customer has signed on the dotted line, the promise and the behaviour and standards around it, seem to be forgotten.

A promise should run deep

For me, when I make a promise, I believe that it should stand for more than a verbal nicety or marketing jargon. It should run deep within the heart of the organisation, underpinning and shaping the very heart of the business.

A promise should uphold values and standards

The values a company’s promise stands for should shape the behaviour, language and approach of the company, right through from answering the phone, to dealing with suppliers as well as clients and customers.

A promise is a commitment

A true promise defines the standards you expect to deliver and, therefore, in turn, sets expectations in the mind of your client or customer. Failure to define accurately, to over-promise or failure to deliver will result in a negative opinion towards your company.

In addition, your promise is a commitment to a standard of behaviour and attitude all of the time, not just on the good days.

An authentic promise is rooted in purpose

At Carlean, we have made a promise to our clients which is firmly rooted in the reasons why I set up Carlean Lettings 10 years ago.

I had what can only be described as the worst experience with the letting agent who was managing my first buy-to-let property. Despite leaving me with a devastated apartment, months of unpaid bills, a court summons and an absent tenant, I was still expected to pay the agency fees.  I was a new landlord, finding my feet in the rental market and this was my first experience! 

A promise to manage properties in my care properly

My mission and purpose from that point forward was to set up an agency that would do things differently. Starting with providing the very best service and being open and transparent with fees and charges. Fulfilling all the legal and financial obligations was an absolute given, along with managing all properties in my charge with the same commitment and dedication I gave to managing my own.   

A commitment to the future

I am grateful to have won several awards over the years and my client testimonials prove that I am running my business in a way which is true to my promise. I remain as committed as ever to continuing to do things differently and to managing your property properly.


The Carlean Promise

 We promise that we will always do our very best to provide you and your tenants with exceptional service.

Our fees will be fair and transparent, we will ensure that your tenancy is legally compliant, and that your deposit and rent will always be held in our segregated client account.

When you or your tenant call, we WILL know who you are.

We will keep in touch with your tenant, visit regularly and report back to you.

But most importantly, we are landlords ourselves, we know what landlords want and we know how to manage your property to award-winning standards.


If you are a landlord and would like to find out what makes us different, please get in touch.