It is well known that being a landlord brings with it a plethora of legislation that must be adhered to. With a legal system that tends to view landlords as rogues it is a very real scenario that a landlord will find themselves in court should they not be compliant. You could arguably think that the tenant/landlord relationship is just about operating legally but at Carlean we think it is more than that.

Whilst we are compliant and have many checks in place to ensure that we remain so, we also value the person behind the tenant, sometimes a tenant is moving out of their parent’s house and are living on their own for the first time. They may not understand their responsibilities, how could they? Carlean Lettings addresses this with a tenant charter.

The charter outlines everything that a tenant can expect from us but also – what we expect from them. Would a tenant know that they cannot take a friend in to help with the rent as this is subletting? Would a tenant know that a leaking pipe under the sink doesn’t constitute an emergency call out from a plumber – a bucket will suffice until Monday?

Would a tenant know that if they are expecting to not be able to make the rent that it is better to let us know rather than doing an ostrich impression?

Maybe/maybe not but the charter takes away the ambiguity and outlines how we protect them and provide a home but in return how we expect them to conduct themselves. Does it eradicate all bad behaviour, obviously not but we have found it to make a difference.

If you are a landlord and are interested in knowing what else we do differently at Carlean, then perhaps visit our website or call me on 07506 056977